2021 Republican Platform for the Town of Southampton

The challenges that the Town of Southampton and its residents have experienced this past  year has been like no other. The Republican Party of the Town of Southampton wishes  to express it’s heartfelt condolences to those that have lost friends and family members to  the pandemic. Additionally, we would like to express our gratitude to all of our essential  workers and first responders that have tirelessly and selflessly made personal sacrifices to  combat the spread of Covid-19. The Republican Party is committed providing continued  support for all efforts by our Federal, State and Local Government in bringing an end to  this virus.  

We pledge to reinstate a majority Republican leadership in the town government and in  turn restore our traditional values and to maintain lower property taxes while supporting  the business community and helping revitalize the economy in the wake of the pandemic. 

The Southampton Town Republican Committee is steadfast in maintaining the principles and attributes that attract so many people to our Town. At a time when there is a  perceived division among our party nationwide, on a local level we will foster a return of  the unity that is required to govern effectively.


This year we have chosen candidates that  not only value the traditions of the party, but are also dedicated to support law  enforcement and first responders, restore vivacity to our economy, enhance fiscal  accountability, protect our environment, enhance water quality and monitoring, and  evaluate and introduce a plan to and enhance the infrastructure of the Town. Paramount  in these efforts is to maintain transparency and keep the public involved in the process.  

The increasing population on the east end of both year round and part time residents have and will continue to have an impact on our environment. It is our continued goal to  protect not only groundwater, but also our coastal waters and estuaries as well as the  lakes ponds, and streams. We strive to work with all environmental agencies,  surrounding townships and the villages and hamlets to keep our waters clean and safe. The Trustees of the Town of Southampton were charged with the responsibility not only  to oversee and protect our coastal shores and waterways, but also entrusted with the care  of 25,000 acres of land and roads. In order to successfully act as the stewards of these  properties, it is necessary Board of Trustees be granted adequate funds from the Town.  The Republican Party supports the Trustees quest to receive a percentage of funds  derived from the property taxes collected by this Town. Paramount in achieving these  goals is to maintain transparency and keep the public involved in the process.  

One of the crucial issues that are almost certain to revisit this Town in the future is the  right to beach access for all of our residents. The right of entry and use of our the entire  shoreline has been debated time and time again. While residents of Southampton have  enjoyed what we believe is a right to full access of their beaches, our neighbor to the east  has suffered a setback in a recent decision by the Court. We pledge to support our  neighbor in its effort to reinstate full access and in doing so strengthen our resolve and  put an end to this contest. We assure the residents of this Town that we will defend any attempt to restrict or obstruct the Trustees authority to control the shoreline or to inhibit  the right of our residents to full and complete access to our beaches. 

Now is the time that we need your voice and support to elect our candidates this coming  fall. We invite you to join us and participate in electing the candidates that will make a  difference and act in your best interests. Your vote makes a difference.

Lets make it  count.  

2021 Southampton Town Republican Committee

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