What Did He Know? When Did He Know It?

What Did He Know? When Did He Know It?

Throughout Southampton Town, rumors swirl that the supervisor knew one year ago about the Shinnecock Indian Nation’s massive electronic billboards and he did nothing. It appears that our supervisor is so focused on moving to a county job, he believes that if he ignores issues, they go away. As the trade parade continues to ignore speed limit signs and limited access signs to our neighborhood roads, our supervisor once again looks the other way. “Laws not enforced cease to be laws”. (Thomas Moriarty).

Sound public policy requires that the town supervisor be engaged, not disinterested. Our town government demands considerable debate, compromise and refinement in determining a course of action. Communication and input from all stakeholders is necessary. Public policy is not a quick fix but rather an opportunity to arrive at a deliberate and careful decision.

Unfortunately, the current situation in town hall is “What we’ve got here is a failure to communicate” (the movie – Cool Hand Luke). The supervisor must communicate on a regular basis with our neighbors, the sovereign Shinnecock Indian Nation and the seven villages within our boundaries. This dialogue can avoid misunderstandings and possibly led to shared services, resulting in a savings to our taxpayers.

On Tuesday, Election Day November 5, 2019 save Southampton, vote for a change in town hall.

Greg Robins

Republican Candidate for

Southampton Town Supervisor

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